My plans for my destination wedding are very, very small. I really only want my closest family and friends to attend, but I’m afraid of offending people if they aren’t invited. 

What should I do?

Bella Says:

Well, it’s never easy to go unconventional with something as big as your wedding. But, you have to consider factors like your budget and preferences before preparing the guest list. 

There is no way you can make everyone happy. Hence, a small wedding is fine, and you can soften the blow by being gracious and kind. If you hear one of your relatives feel snubbed, call them, and give them the reason for having an intimate wedding. Blame it on your budget or venue, referring to limitations on the numbers of invitees. 

For closest family and friends, plan an intimate reception at a stunning venue. There may be some angry relatives or friends. But, in the end, they’ll understand your reasons. It’s your special day. So, do what feels right for you. 

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