You’re planning the wedding of your dreams – a tropical destination filled with sun, sand, and all of your friends and family. The most important thing on your checklist, other than picking the ultimate wedding destination, is selecting the dress. But suddenly you wonder, “Can I wear white to a destination wedding”?

The immediate answer is – Of course you can, it’s your wedding and you can wear whatever you want. But the real question is do you want to wear white to a destination wedding. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Wearing White at Your Destination Wedding

The pros of wearing white to your wedding is that it’s a traditional color and most women have dreamed of their princess-like white wedding dress since they were little girls. This is probably the biggest pro out there. But in the positive column you also know:

  • White looks good on just about everybody
  • White doesn’t conduct heat so it’s great for the beach
  • It’s a symbol of purity and virtue, which is perfect for a wedding
  • You’ll stand out

You may have a few other pros of your own, like carrying on tradition by wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s dress, but you get the picture. Now, let’s look at the cons of wearing a white wedding dress to a destination wedding.

  • It gets dirty easily, especially on wet and sandy beaches or in any outdoor venue
  • White isn’t as traditional as you think, wearing white at a wedding actually started in 1840 with Queen Victoria and it was scandalous at the time
  • White can look washed out on light sandy beaches
  • Wedding wire says 80% of brides wear white, you want to be different

Wearing White to a Destination Wedding as a Guest

What if you’re a guest at a destination wedding – can you wear white then? Unless the invitation specifically says you need to wear white, then don’t! While the all-white wedding has become a bit of a trend lately, most couples are skipping this fad. In fact, it’s considered in very poor taste for a guest to wear white to a wedding because then the bride won’t stand out.

Other Destination Wedding Attire Considerations

There are a few other things to consider when planning your wedding wardrobe.

  • Open toed shoes on the beach are cute but can be annoying as sand gets inside them and if they have a heel your balance will be compromised
  • Lightweight fabric is key to staying and looking fresh. Stick with linen, chiffon, organza and cotton
  • Black, dark grey, navy – these colors can all look great, but they conduct heat and you’ll be sweaty and pretty quickly look wilted. Bright and light colors are best for men and women
  • No shorts or swimsuits. Unless the invitation specifically says shorts and swimsuits are allowed, they’re not. Even if it’s a “casual wedding” this still doesn’t mean shorts are okay

Hopefully, this answers the question, “Can you wear white to a destination wedding”. In short, for the bride it’s okay if she wants to but she isn’t required to wear white and for the guests it’s simply not okay unless you’ve been told that it’s an all-white wedding.

If you’re still struggling with where to have your destination wedding, don’t worry – we can help. Simply connect with us for a consultation and you can learn more about planning the wedding of your dreams.

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