Best Simple and Elegant Hairstyle for a Wedding Destination You Must Try

Choose the right hairstyle for your wedding is always a tricky decision! At your wedding, the most important day of your life, it is normal to want to look spectacular. Try new trends and try a style you always wanted but never had a chance.

Of course, it’s not an easy task. But when it comes to wedding destinations there are other details you must take into consideration. For example,  weather and natural elements such as sand that can mess up a little bit your style.

Although,  you do not need a very elaborate hairstyle to look beautiful at your wedding. Nowadays, many brides opt for simpler hairstyles that allow them to highlight other areas of their outfit such as their dress and face.

That’s why today we have decided to show you a few simple and elegant hairstyles you can wear on your wedding day. Especially if you are going to have a destination wedding!

Updo a Classic and Elegant Hairstyle That Never Goes Out Style

Updo is perfect for weddings in beach destinations. There is a key when it comes to dressing code in weddings in the Caribbean or warm weather, you need to feel and be comfortable.

Brides often get excited and choose dresses and hairstyles too elaborate, that may not suit the venue they are going to have. 

Just think about basic elements you will have to face that day and you can’t control.  For example humidity, breeze, sand, and temperature, among others. These details can become a real problem during that special day. Especially if the bride was not careful when choosing her dress and accessories.

So, don’t confuse updos with basic and boring.  On the contrary, they can be the ideal option to project your personality. You can wear this hairstyle with some loose curls, a tidy bun, and even add flowers or an elegant hair comb.

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Curled Ends Another Must to Go for Your Wedding Hairstyle

In many situations, less is more! And there is nothing more classic and elegant than a curled ends hairstyle for your wedding. This style always allows you to focus people’s attention on your dress and face.

If you have a medium-length why not let it down in cascading with soft and delicate curls? Add the right accessories and you will look graceful and elegant during your special day.

In addition, we must highlight that this type of style allows you to play around with your hair during the course of the evening. So, if at some point you want to wear your hair up it will be an easy task.

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Get that Romantic and Effortless look with a Braid

Braids are also an excellent option when you are looking for a hairstyle for your wedding. It’s comfortable to wear and it offers that princess vibe that sometimes women look in their style. This style is especially useful for destination brides of color, as the hair will hold up well to humidity and weather changes the day of the wedding, as well as all the fun water sports and adventurous activities you will participate in during the honeymoon. 

The best thing about braids is that you can add little details like flowers or pins to achieve that chic and elegant result. Also, the options are unlimited, you can play around with loose waves, updos, or have a full braid. Braids offer brides that feel of an effortless, and romantic result

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