Punta Cana offers a beautiful backdrop for destination weddings with its tropical climate, sandy beaches, and decadent sunsets. So, what you need to know to pick the right wedding attire?

Here is a guide to select the perfect ensemble for your Punta Cana wedding.

Choosing the Bridal Attire

A beach wedding in Punta Cana means getting into comfortable dresses that don’t rumple easily. Fabrics like chiffon, lace, lightweight silk, taffeta, and tulle are the best for the bride’s ensemble.

Also, remember the average temperature fluctuates from 70-90 degrees F, and there may be light beach showers in months from February to June. And there’s nothing worse than having sweat marks on your beautiful wedding gown.

Avoid wearing a white gown. Instead, keep up with the bridal fashion trends which have colors like cream, turquoise, lime green, or deep blue for the dress. Skip long train and wear a dress with slits for extra oomph.

Choose wedges or ballet flats to walk down the sandy aisles and complement your attire with tropical accessories like coral headpieces or floral jewelry.

Choose the Groom’s Dress

If your wedding has a theme, you have to stick to it. For a casual ceremony, pick drawstring linen pants with a white or light blue casual shirt. Ditch the tie and roll the sleeves of your shirt for sharp looks.

In semi-formal settings, you can go for linen suits with a modest tie in light colors. Slacks with button-down shirts also work at a destination wedding. Choose the tuxedo for a formal ceremony, or you can wear a vest with your dress shirt.

Dresses for the Guests for a Destination Wedding in Punta Cana

The guests at destination weddings can follow a few ground rules to look their best. The first thing is to choose the right type of dress based on the wedding theme and color code. Due to the hot climate, avoid heavy fabrics when selecting your dress for a Punta Cana wedding.

Women can go for short or ankle-length sundresses in lace, chiffon, or cotton blends. Wear bold prints and bright hues. Avoid dresses that are too short or billowy, though.

Men can opt for slacks and linen shirts with or without a tie. Take cues from the bridal and groom fashion for the best selection. Don’t forget to pick comfortable footwear like sandals or patio shoes.

Apart from selecting a perfect dress, travel safely to keep it in excellent shape for the ceremony. You may ask for suggestions from our wedding planners to guide you. 

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