How to Go from Destination Wedding to Honeymoon

Taking a destination wedding and rolling it into a honeymoon is a fantastic way to visit an exotic location and spend some time exploring with your new spouse. It can also help you afford to do both and still have a little extra in the budget for mementos or special excursions.

Combining a destination wedding and a honeymoon is a great idea that can go awry if not planned properly. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips that will help you turn your destination wedding into a successful destination honeymoon.

Tips for Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

You spent a lot of time selecting just the right destination wedding location, it only makes sense that you and your new partner-in-life would want to explore and honeymoon in the same location. The following tips will make the transition seamless.

No Guests

While it may be tempting to keep your bestie around or have your family nearby, the honeymoon is for the two of you. Wedding guests should leave a day or two after the wedding so you can now focus on your life together and creating your first big adventure.

Planning, Planning, Planning

Sure, planning the wedding takes a lot of your time and energy, but don’t get burned out. The honeymoon also deserves some forethought. Make sure that your destination is more than just one pretty spot. Check out what the region has to offer and be sure to arrange your post-wedding adventures, so you don’t miss out.

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Establish a Tradition

Carve out your own personal tradition, something of significance that you can remember each anniversary and that can be part of your family story. It can be sharing a glass of wine at sunset, stating things you love most about being a family, or it can be a promise for the upcoming year.

Change Locations

Having your honeymoon in the same region as your wedding lets you get out and get to know the area, it can also save money. Switching hotels can save you even more money, and it will help you leave behind the wedding stress and focus on creating new memories. In fact, you may want to turn your destination honeymoon into a roving adventure and really get to know the location by exploring all of it.

It can be hard to mentally move beyond the wedding when it hasn’t even happened, but if you can think of the wedding as one event and the honeymoon as a separate adventure, then you’ll have more success and be happier with the outcome. Compartmentalizing like this will ensure that your family and friends don’t feel that they’re part of the honeymoon, that you and your honey have time to moon around together, and it will prepare you to explore and experience your lovely destination honeymoon location.

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