What’s not to love about destination weddings in the Caribbean?

Sun-drenched islands, gorgeous backdrops, and pristine sand under your toes, these
idyllic islands have it all when it comes to your much-anticipated celebration.
Whether you want to say your vows off the coast of Antigua or love the idea of a tranquil
setting in Bermuda, you may wonder how much your wedding may cost for that perfect
Caribbean destination wedding.

Cost of Venue for Destination Weddings

The choice of venue may consume up to 50% of your total wedding budget. Many
upscale resorts in Antigua, Aruba, Bermuda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia offer
all-inclusive packages that usually costs between $4000 and $7000.
If you and your guests love adventure, plan your wedding in the Cayman Islands or
Barbados as an ideal place for a relaxed ceremony.

Traveling Expenses

Traveling to the Caribbean islands may cost around $1500 for the wedding couple. The
month from January to March is the most popular time for weddings in this region.
Weather remains perfect; however, travel and accommodation prices may be at its
For cheaper air tickets, choose off-season months from mid-April to mid-December.
You can pay a portion of their trip costs if you want to bear the traveling expenses for
your guests. It may amount to an extra $2000-$5000, depending on the number of
travelers. With some airline miles and credit card rewards, you’ll save some of these

Accommodation Expenses

If you don’t select an all-inclusive package, the average cost of staying can range from
$100-$200 per night per room. These are the room charges for decent hotels, and they
can be higher for luxury accommodations.
Here, the all-inclusive resorts cover the costs of luxury accommodations in their overall

Cost of Decorations

The type of experience you want also dictates the costs of weddings. Whether you need
minimalistic décor, a rustic ceremony, or a themed wedding, you will need to wiggle
your budget a bit for the perfect experience.

At an all-inclusive resort, you can find a package for every budget. From essential to
extravagant, these packages cover everything, including flowers, place settings, linens,
lights, and music.

Take your wedding vows in style by choosing destination weddings, all-inclusive resorts
that are easy and cost-effective. Leave all the planning out to our experts because you
deserve to have your wedding day go off without a hitch.

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