What Should a Groom Wear to a Destination Wedding?

Let’s be honest, outfitting the groom isn’t all that fun. Men have it easier, after all, they just need a good tuxedo and they are ready to get married. 

Although women must invest more time in their attire, the reality is that men can also have a little more fun with their outfit. Today is common to find many couples trying new styles, and even playing with a less traditional palette. So, forget about that boring black tuxedo and try something new.

Below we just leave you an easy guide to follow that will help your man choose the right attire for your wedding. 

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Allow the Groom to Wear Light-Colored Trousers on Your Wedding Destination

Most wedding destinations are celebrated on the beach. So, we should consider natural elements such as sand and temperature before choosing the attire for the groom.

Also, it’s important to remember that black attires conduct heat. Thus, they are not the best option for a wedding on the beach.

When it comes to wedding destinations in the Caribbean men should follow the same rules as women. It would always be advisable to go for colors that will help you stay cool. For example, white, light blue, charcoal ,and tan suits.

A 4-Step Guide on What to Wear to a Destination Beach Wedding

Linen Suits The Best Fabric for the Groom

The materials of the suit also play an important role. As we previously explained, weddings on the beach involve spending a couple of hours under the sun.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve reserved canopies for the venue. Tropical weddings imply hot weather, so, you and your future husband should wear lightweight clothes. This way you will avoid feeling suffocated. 

One of the most common fabrics for the groom in these cases is linen. Why? Because it is a breathable material and it looks quite elegant.

What’s the Best Footwear for the Groom?

Probably one of the most common questions when couples are seeking for their wedding attire. 

The reality is that weddings in paradisiacal destinations often imply that it’s somewhat informal. Of course, there are exceptions and it will depend on the dress code that you will request at your wedding.

The golden rule is to find shoes he can easily slip on and off. However, if you are seeking something a little bit more tropical you can decide to go barefoot or wear flip-flops. Believe it or not! flip-flops can be dressy too. Just avoid buying those with an athletic-inspired or bulky design. 

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