Your wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation, but the day itself wouldn’t be the same without your guests. Those friends and family members who have meant so much to you in your lives and who have come together to celebrate your special day deserve a little take-away treat to remember this special day. Not only that, but you want to cement their memories of your wedding with the best wedding favor ever. These unique and fun wedding favor ideas will leave a lasting impression long after the “I do’s” are over.

Tasty Treats

Rather than over-the-counter candy in a little bag, go a step further. Purchase small gift boxes and decorate them with personalized wedding stickers. Line the boxes with a little waxed paper and drop in a special piece of candy. If you have a local candy maker, see what they have to offer to make your day special or make your own treats. If you have extra money in the budget, have your wedding cake decorator put together little cupcakes for the guests that match your wedding cake as a party favor.

Hangover Packets

If you’re having a destination wedding and expect the festivities to go long into the night, then this hangover kit bag from Etsy is right on target and your guests will certainly laugh. Fill it with the essentials for the morning after and they’ll be grateful.

Hot Chocolate Kits

A winter wedding or a destination wedding in the mountains is just begging for hot chocolate. Create your own hot chocolate tubes or buy them on Etsy. Then go a step further. Tuck these tubes into personalized coffee mugs celebrating your special day and add some extras like a mini bottle of peppermint schnapps, a couple cookies, a fun pair of mittens, etc.

High Flying Frisbees

You can get just about anything personalized, so why not have a frisbee monogrammed for your wedding day. If you’re having an outdoor, casual wedding, then this wedding favor is perfect, and it’s fun for years to come.

Personalized Seed Packets

Let love grow long after your special day with personalized seed packets for the guests. It’s a clever gift that can rebloom every year. What takes your gift a step further is the presentation. Try tucking them into potted succulents (a huge trend in wedding favors), or hand lettered terra cotta pots, tie them to skinny bud vases – get creative!

Photo Frames

Ready for a few tears. Collect pictures of you and/or your spouse-to-be with each guest and frame them as their party favor. This personalized touch is sure to bring about all the feels. If you’re able, go a step further and have a photographer snap a picture of each guest as they arrive. Then they can print out the pics, pop them into frames, and set up a table full of these take-aways.

Thoughtful wedding favors take a little planning, maybe a hot glue gun or two, and throwing in a handful of glitter never hurt anything. The best wedding favor ideas have some significance to your wedding guests, or they reflect your personality. Get creative and let your mind run wild – you’re sure to come up with a fantastic idea that people will be talking about for years.

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