What Should I Wear for a Destination Wedding?

Alt: Best attire for a destination wedding

Destination weddings give you the perfect reason to pack up and jettison to an exotic paradise away from your home city. And packing the right attire for the upcoming events is nothing but exciting.

From the wedding couple to the guests, you need to dress appropriately based on the, weather, and type of ceremony. Here are some tips.

Choose Attire According to the Theme

If the wedding has a theme or dress code, try adhering to it when picking your outfits.

For example, if it’s a casual beach wedding with a pastel color theme, a breezy sundress in light fabrics is ideal for women. In a formal setting, a pleated maxi dress with bold patterns or metallic accents can look pristine. Don’t wear a long dress that drags sand at a beach wedding. 

Men can choose a traditional suit and tie for a formal occasion. But, they can ditch the tie and suit jacket for a semi-formal or casual ceremony.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Attire

Depending on the location, choose the right type of dress material or fabric. For example, if it’s a beach wedding, women can go for fabrics that aren’t too heavy or clingy.

Linen, chiffon, taffeta, and cotton blends are some popular options for a hot and dry climate. However, if the ceremony takes place in a vineyard, choose a lacy gown or satin dress with Victorian neckline and minimalist accessories.

For men, cotton and linen are the safest bet for the beach or outdoor destination weddings. You may opt for slacks with a light button-down shirt and simple shoes. For indoor or rooftop events, a tuxedo in cotton or blends is always the best.   

Choose the Right Colors

Like fabrics, the color of your attire also depends on the location and venue. For a tropical wedding, avoid wearing black unless you want to wilt under the sun. But don’t be afraid of choosing bold colors and prints.

Terra cotta, fuchsia, aquamarine blue, deep blue, emerald, and tangerine are some stunning shades that women can choose. Don’t refrain from exciting prints, stripes, and embroideries, based on the type of ceremony.

Men, on the other hand, can choose light shades like beige, grey, cream, or white for beach weddings. For a formal event, a black or dark grey tux is a perfect choice. You may wear a linen suit in tan or blue for a semi-formal ceremony.

Always remember that you have to travel to your destination with your outfits. So, choose dresses that are easy to pack and carry, as well. Don’t hesitate to ask our wedding specialists for any help in selecting or traveling with your clothes.

Alt: Choice of dresses for a beach destination wedding

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