What Material Should My Dress Be for My Destination Wedding?

Materials for wedding attire

Once you decide to get married in an exotic location, shopping for your big day gets exciting. Your wedding planner will look after all the preparations, but picking the dress code falls on you.

You may want to select a stunning attire that matches the locale of your destination wedding. Also, look for the right material that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Here are some tips:


Choose the Right Type of Dress

Destination weddings allow you to experiment with your style as much as you want. From casual to semi-formal or formal, you can choose any dressing style that complements the theme, décor, and destination of your wedding.

For example, if you opt for a beach wedding, pick a knee-length dress in tropical shades and lightweight materials. But, if you’re planning your wedding inside a ballroom, go for an elegant satin gown and stilettos.  


Plan Early

Before you travel to your destination, you need your dress ready. So, try ordering it at least 3-4 months ahead of your wedding date. Do not try to get your dress delivered directly at the hotel or resort where you’re staying. It may get delayed or delivered in an improper state.


Choose the Right Material for Your Attire

Depending on the type of settings, theme, and weather, materials for your wedding dress can also vary. Check out some typical dress materials for destination weddings:

Charmeuse: This delicate and creamy material has a glossy sheen that makes it perfect for an outdoor wedding under the moonlight. However, charmeuse can be a bit clingy, especially when it gets wet. So, avoid wearing it near the ocean.

Taffeta: The textured and wrinkled fabric is an excellent choice for beach weddings. It’s a versatile fabric that looks iridescent under the lights and comes in several colors.

Silk: As the most popular and traditional dress material, silk is the safest choice for indoor weddings. However, it may be somewhat cumbersome for outdoor weddings.

Tulle: If you want to wed on a coast, choose tulle, which is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to carry with your travel stuff. Tulle gives you the perfect poofy looks while keeping it fresh. 

Chiffon or Lace: The wrinkle-resistant and lightweight chiffon is also an excellent choice for the wedding ensemble. You can choose a traditional gown or a stylish dress in chiffon to say your vows in style. Lace material can add a lot of grace to your dress. You may also go for the latest trends like laser-cut laces or Chantilly for your outfit.

There are no rules to select your wedding dress. You can take cues from the bridal fashion trends or ask your wedding planner for help. 

Bella Honeymoons can help in selecting the right material, traveling with your dress, and keeping it in perfect shape after arriving at your destination.

Right fabric for your bridal attire

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