My Family Can’t Afford My Destination Wedding

Planning affordable destination weddings

Planning a destination wedding away from home is a romantic proposition. But, the costs of destination weddings may take away the charm unless you know how to plan it well.
From travel and accommodations to decorations and photography, you can plan everything at affordable costs.
Here are some ways to save on your wedding dreams:

Opt for an All-Inclusive Package

The all-inclusive package deals from the resorts and hotels in exotic faraway locations are fairly economical. They help to cut the hassles of planning and paying attention to details. Choose the packages that cover everything from accommodations to transportation and decoration.
Ditch the pre-wedding or post-wedding parties in your package to concentrate your budget on the main ceremony. And don’t forget to ask for the group discounts from the resort.

Trim Your Guest List

If you want a budget-friendly wedding, keep your ceremony and guest list small. Invite people without whom you can’t imagine your special day. You can easily find excellent deals for destination weddings with less than 30 guests.
With such packages, you’ll get everything from exotic décor to sumptuous food and best wines for a few dollars. Also, you may choose to elope to your destination and keep your guest list to a bare minimum.
Spend Honeymoon at the Same Destination
You can save extra money by combining your wedding and honeymoon destinations. This way, you can extend your trip and get great deals from the hotel or resort where you’re staying.
Some resorts offer cheap honeymoon packages for the couples choosing to wed on the same property.
Avoid the Peak Season for Destination Weddings

That’s a no-brainer because hotel and travel costs are always high during the peak season. The rates are typically higher by 25-50% when there’s a surge in visitors.
So, schedule your ceremony in the shoulder season that comes between the peak and off-peak seasons. Ask your wedding planner about the tips to get married at your favorite destination at the right time.

Downsize the Wedding Decorations

When you opt for a destination wedding, you don’t have to splurge on the decorations. Instead, you can work around the natural charm and beauty of the location.
For example, when you have deep blue Caribbean waters as your backdrop, there’s no need to go for lavish decorations.
After all, it’s your destination wedding. So, you can make all the decisions and rules to save your money. Even if your family can’t afford a lavish celebration, you can find affordable deals with our destination wedding specialists.
Discuss your ideas and let us plan a wedding that fits your budget.

Simple decorations to save money on destination weddings

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