Can I Customize My Destination Wedding at a Resort?

Alt: Personalized place settings for destination weddings

Planning for destination weddings at popular resorts can be overwhelming with all the bells and whistles that come with it.  Expert planners can get the confusion out of the way by helping you to customize your wedding the way you want it to be.

Let’s find how to choose the right one.

Do You Need a Personalized Wedding Package?

Most of the resorts offer standard and custom wedding packages for your convenience.. Resorts offer standard options for theme and color choices and include basics like flowers, cake, décor, and dinner.

However, if you want more guests and a unique experience on your special day, the personalization of packages makes more sense. Here, you have to share your vision with the wedding planner and let them do the magic.

How Can You Personalize Destination Weddings

The best way to make your destination wedding unforgettable is to add your unique accents wherever possible. Follow these tips to make that happen.

Use a Unique Theme and Color Scheme

From a tropical wedding to vintage settings, you can choose any theme for your wedding. Customized packages allow you to make every selection. You may select a color code for your wedding. This code will apply to everything, including attires, official invites, decorations, and table settings.  

Use Monograms to Brand Your Wedding

From the place settings to luggage tags, cocktail napkins, dance floor, and signage, you can brand everything. Stamp your wedding’s date and your initials on every point of contact for your guests. Also, put a personalized welcome sign to greet your guests upon their arrival at the resort. Don’t forget the tables set with scented and monogrammed towels for those who’ll travel all day to attend the ceremony.

Create Welcome Bags for Guests

For personalization of guest experience, give them a warm welcome with a thoughtful and sweet gift. Prepare small welcome bags filled with goodies like local snacks, itinerary, disposable waterproof camera, map of the resort, and unique gifts for the young ones.

Create a Signature Drink

Nothing can be more personalized than a drink named after you to celebrate your special moments. Ask your wedding planner to arrange for a signature drink that complements your taste.

Choose Unique Entertainment Options

Take your guests on an adventure trip or excursion on a sunset cruise as a thank-you gesture. Check with your wedding planner for the entertainment options. You can arrange for a themed night, bonfire, or a comedy show with all your close friends and family around you.

Planning customized destination weddings can take a lot of hard work. But, you can hire our experts to make it easy and affordable. We will coordinate with you to plan everything as you wish.

Alt: Personalized invites for destination weddings

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