When Should I Send My Destination Wedding Invitations?

 “When to send your wedding invitations?” It’s probably one of the most common doubts many couples face on their journey. The standard rule suggests that wedding invitations should be sent four to six weeks in advance to avoid prolonged RSVP delays.

However, when it comes to wedding destinations this rule may change a little. Couples need to take into consideration factors such as schedules, ability to travel, and other commitments their guests may have. 

Keeping good communication with your guests is crucial to avoid misunderstandings. That’s why we’ve broken down a step-by-step etiquette guide. This article will help you create the perfect time frame to send your wedding invitations on time, and enjoy the wedding of your dreams!


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Wedding Save-to-date Invitations

Classic Save-to-date Invitation

Experts suggest sending save-to-date invitations between 6 to 9 months in advance. It is important to formally notify your loved ones of your intentions to celebrate your wedding on a specific day and destination. So, they can schedule that date on their calendar and avoid making other plans.

If you are a traditional bride and you’re looking for elegant classic invitations, it’s best to send them via mail. This option will allow you to play with different invitation styles and paper goods. 

But, if you’re looking for a more modern option, you can create your own website and notify your guests about all the wedding updates through that platform.

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Destination Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding Destination

At this point, it’s important to remind your guests that the wedding is just around the corner. So, they must have their travel reservations and everything in order before it’s too late.

What do we suggest? Send your destination invitations 2-3 months in advance. The key here is to find the perfect balance. Remember! If you send the invitations too early, your guests may not pay much attention.  Although, in the opposite case, if you send them too late they’ll not have enough time to set everything for the wedding.

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When to Request an RSVP

Wedding Table Settings

One month from the wedding date is the best moment to start asking for RSVPs. Note that you must add an option where your guests can reply. This way you’ll know how many people will actually attend your wedding.

Finally, a good way to establish the perfect time to request an RSVP is to check the deadlines of each supplier. Write down when is your deadline with your catering service, travel agent, and resort.  This will help you see the big picture, and set a realistic time frame for your guests!

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