What Is a Destination Wedding?

The question, “What is a destination wedding?” might have you instantly imagining a couple on a beach, barefoot feet, and the surf breaking behind them as they say their vows. That’s a great example of one type of destination wedding but there are so many other options, it’s a shame to limit yourself to a beachside setting.

What Is a Destination Wedding?

Any wedding that’s in a location outside of the couple’s hometown or their current city of residence can be considered a destination wedding. While picturesque locations are most commonly associated with destination wedding planning, they’re not the only options.

Foreign travel and exotic beaches can be romantic but there are just as many romantic destinations within the United States for your wedding. From a gorgeous beach wedding on either of the coasts, to nuptials atop a mountain, or even a splashy and fun Vegas wedding – they’re all destination weddings and they don’t require a passport.

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Domestination Wedding

In fact, these domestic travel weddings have been dubbed domestination weddings and are quickly gaining popularity. Destination wedding planning can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of guests that need passports. While domestination wedding planning has some of the same considerations, you don’t have to worry about the time involved in getting a passport.

How to Pick: Local or Distant Destination Wedding?

The first thing to think about is what do you, as a couple, want for your dream wedding.

If you have always wanted a dream beach wedding, you might want to go tropical, but you could get that same experience while staying domestic. This might give you the opportunity to save some money and it could mean more guests can attend.

Some people love the idea of having a wedding at a place that has meaning to them, like where they first met or had their first date. Other people want to try something completely different and mark their special day with brand new experiences.

Other things to consider when planning are the expenses, how much time do you have to plan, and how many people you plan on inviting. These are pretty big considerations and can sway your choice one way or the other.

If you think a destination wedding is for you, be open to all the possibilities that travel has to offer. There are so many fantastic places to visit, across the globe. This will be the adventure of your lifetime and what better way to celebrate than with an exciting vacation.

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