5 Benefits of Holding a Weekday Wedding According to Experts

A weekday wedding is generally the least common option for many couples. After all, weekdays are often the most uncomfortable date to attend a wedding. Keep in mind that they have their own business and have to do many things related to work and school – when it comes to family groups- during the week. For this reason, Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the days with the highest demand for weddings.

But with the arrival of the coronavirus, the basic rules around planning a wedding have changed. Many couples have been forced to postpone their big day until next year. This implies that they must go through a hunt – again- to find a suitable venue and date.

Of course, the most popular hotels, restaurants, and venues are collapsing due to all the couples trying to book a date as soon as possible. For this reason, most wedding planners are suggesting brides think outside the box and consider a weekday wedding.

Thus, if you are one of the brides who unfortunately had to postpone her wedding and you still don’t know what the ideal date is, this article will be ideal for you. Find out why you should consider a weekday wedding and the benefits that you and your guests can enjoy!

Planning a Weekday Wedding is Less Stressful

Weddings that take place on a weekday tend to be more relaxed. In fact, people are even more punctual, and that’s why holding weekday weddings can take the pressure off the groom, the bride, and the guests. Just think about it! The dress code is less demanding, the ceremonies are shorter and the number of guests is usually smaller.

Whether you decide to celebrate a City Hall wedding or a destination wedding, you and your guests can enjoy an intimate ceremony and a calmer crowd during a weekday. And don’t forget that you can also choose a date with a special meaning for both such as the date you kissed for the first time.

Get Better Deals on Food, Beverage, and Venues

Although the food usually costs the same no matter what day of the week you decide to celebrate your wedding, you can get good deals on equipment and delivery if you hold a weekday wedding. As these are wedding days with lower demand, many vendors tend to offer competitive pricing on other parts of the service they provide you.

Any other reason to consider this option?  You also have the possibility of upgrading your wedding! Think about discounts on drinks, food, and the possibility of upgrading the minimum required. The same happens with the venues. When couples hold a weekday wedding, they can – sometimes- have access to other non-booked areas at the location of their choice. Just be sure to discuss your intentions with your wedding planner and vendors, and try to reach a suitable agreement for both parties.

Flights & Accommodations are Cheaper on Weekdays

If you are planning a destination wedding you know how important is to stay on the budget. Holding a weekday wedding is a great option to save some money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Not only will you get cheaper flights, but also the resort, the church fees and transportation will be cheaper. In fact, according to experts, a couple can save up to 25 percent of the budget compared to people who celebrate weddings on weekends.

Are you struggling with all that involves planning a wedding? In Bella Honeymoon Destination Weddings, we focus on making the life of the brides-to-be easier, that way you only have to worry about meeting your in-laws and not that much about planning your dreamy wedding. Enjoy a free consultation with our experts now! 


5 Lovely Gift Ideas to Delight Your Partner’s Parents

Are you looking for gift ideas to delight your boyfriend or girlfriend’s, parents? If so, you have come to the right place.
With the holidays approaching, many couples face the pressure of meeting their partner’s parents for the first time. And yes, the pressure is real! Finding the perfect gift for your in-laws can be even more stressful than finding the perfect gift for a wedding
We all want to make a good impression when it comes to the people who will be our future in-laws.
But what’s a good gift for them? Although it all depends on the tastes of each person, there are always gifts that can surprise in a pleasant way.
If what you are looking for is to get out of the ordinary and cliché you will love our 5 thoughtful ideas.

Online Cooking Classes

Many mothers love to cook, so why not give them a subscription to online gourmet cooking classes? This is a great idea for parents who literally have it all.

Give them the chance to have fun and upskill at the kitchen as they enjoy a personalized cooking class! The good thing about this type of online course is that it allows the attendants to learn new tricks to wow their guests at the table. Something that your parents-in-law will appreciate for sure.

Gift Ideas for Plant Parents? A Succulent Trio is the Best Option

If you are dealing with parents who love plants it is always a pleasant surprise to add new plant members to the family. In this case, our suggestion is a Succulent Trio.

Why are they a good option? Succulent trios only require bright light and little else. Besides they are a great desk addition at home. It’s simple, cute, and thoughtful. And believe us when we say that all mothers adore when their future daughter-in-law shows interest in those activities or hobbies that they love.

A Deluxe Snack Box Subscription

Circling back to those parents who seemed to have it all! It is best to think outside the box and give them a detail that will amaze their palate.

You can send any delightful snack you think they would like with a subscription service. So, don’t be afraid to be a little bit bold, think about artisan cheese, coffee, or vegan snacks.

The only suggestion here is to check if any member of the family suffers from allergies.

Custom Home Decor Gift Ideas

Personalized gifts are always well received because they are unique. Besides, the options are usually unlimited. If you need inspiration, ask your partner about the things that his family enjoys.

You can also ask your partner to show you photos of his home. If you pay attention to the small details and decor you will have a better idea of the tastes of your in-laws

Suggestions? A family name sign, personalized board games, even cookware like a cutting board can be a nice gift.

Self-Care Basket

Self-care is always important. So you can make custom baskets with details for personal care. Think about soft throw blankets, muscle oils, relaxing tea for sleep, customized water bottles, and affirmation cards.

Any details that you think your in-laws will love can be added to the basket. Just remember not to overdo it, keep it simple and stylish.

Taking that big step as a couple and meeting families can be as stressful as planning your wedding. But in Bella Honeymoon Destination Weddings, we focus on making the life of the brides-to-be easier, that way you only have to worry about meeting your in-laws and not that much about planning your dreamy wedding. Enjoy a free consultation with our experts now! 


Find Out How to Make Your Wedding Makeup Last Under a Mask

Wedding makeup and COVID-19! Definitely not the best combination. For many brides, it is important to look good on their wedding day. But unfortunately, with the arrival of covid-19 to our lives, and the way we celebrate weddings have changed.

It is not only about social distancing, but also masks have become essential on a daily basis. Thus, how to look beautiful at your wedding while wearing a mask? It is a question that many women are asking themselves and here we have the answers.

Below we have broken down the best makeup tips, so can you look spectacular and without worrying about your makeup.

Make Last Your Wedding Makeup with Primer

Primers will be your best ally during your wedding day! Why? Because it will help you get that matte and long-lasting effect you want.

Keep in mind that primer’s formulation is based on helping you blur imperfections. Besides, it offers to moisturize effects that help your foundation to adhere to your skin in a better way. Finally, primers help you control that sweat effect in your skin.

Choose a Good Long-Lasting Foundation

To achieve that porcelain skin effect, you must choose the ideal foundation for you. In this case, it is important to find a liquid foundation and complete the look with powder.

The good thing is that right now you can find many options in the market. There are foundations that are water-resistant and smudge-proof. Indeed, you can find foundations that suit needs such as oily, sensitive, and dry skin, among others.

Just remember to apply your foundation with a brush. Then finish with a sponge for better distribution. Finally, the powder will assure you an enduring coverage. 

Eyeshadow, Brows, and Mascara to Level Up Your Look

If you wear a mask most of the attention will be on your eyes and eyebrows. Thus it is important to highlight these areas appropriately.

So, how to make it work? Apply your primer first, then use cream shadow and your preferred gel liner. Play a bit with the shadow colors and allow your eyes to stand out with a good waterproof mascara.

Finally, do not forget to outline your eyebrows. Tinted eyebrow gel will be the best option because it assures a long-lasting result.

Wedding Makeup, Lipstick, and Face Masks

Lipstick is that finishing touch to your look. And of course, you will need a shade and lipstick that is dependable all day long. Especially because you must take into account that you will be putting on and taking off the mask all the time.

How not to leave all the lipstick in the mask? Simple! First, you need to exfoliate your lips with any moisturizing balm of your choice. Let it dry and then outline your lips with a long-wear liner, after that apply a long-lasting matte lip.

When it comes to your weddings there are many details to take into account, not just your makeup and attire. For this reason at Bella Honeymoon Destination Weddings, we focus on making the life of the brides easier. Enjoy a free consultation with our experts now! 


3 Curious Facts About Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Wedding

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding was quite a surprise for many fans.  The Canadian singer and his wife, American model Hailey Bieber (formerly Baldwin) have been legally married since September 2018. The couple exchanged vows in a courtroom wedding. However, the couple decided one year after to hold an expensive wedding ceremony for friends and family.

While the couple had plenty of drama and a whirlwind relationship before the two decided to marry, the wedding ended up being one celebrity ceremony to remember. Here are 3 curious facts about the Bieber wedding.

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Was Held in South Carolina

The Biebers decided to hold their ceremony at the Montage Palmetto Bluff Hotel and Resort. The couple sealed the venue in August 2019, a month before their wedding. The hotel permitted a 48-hour block-off of the spa, pool, restaurant, and other activities to accommodate the high-profile wedding.

This rule did not sit well with the guests that booked their stay between September 29 and October 1, the same days the Biebers and their wedding guests would be in town. As a result, the resort offered upgrades, refunds, free meals, and other perks to make up for the sudden change in the schedule.

The Theme Was Fairy-Tale Glam

While the couple exchanged their vows at the Somerset Chapel at the same location in South Carolina, their wedding reception was a lavish affair. For starters, Hailey got changed in her personal bridal suite out of her original wedding dress to a form-fitting, high-neck white gown for professional pictures.

Then, they entered their reception, completely decorated with candles in crystal holders, white twinkle lights, lavender flowers covering the whole ballroom, and tall trees. The decor was decked in all white with crystal-covered champagne bottles, coated in gold Swarovski crystals.

Gold accents were all over the couches, tables, dinnerware, and glasses. Lastly, there were many open bars and champagne bottles on all the tables for the guests.

Many Celebrities Attended This Wedding

The wedding guest list was nothing short of star-studded. Hailey’s father is Stephen Baldwin, brother of famous actor Alec Baldwin. Indeed, the whole family is involved in the show business.

Hailey and Justin’s famous friends that also attended include members of the Jenner family such as Kylie, her daughter Stormi, Kendall, and Kris. Overall, the wedding had 154 guests, many of them being close friends and family of Justin and Hailey throughout the years. The wedding was posted all over social media for everyone else to enjoy.


Find Out the Best Tips to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Car

The getaway wedding car is unique because it allows you as a newly married couple to drive off into the sunset in style. Well, at least to the wedding reception. But it’s symbolic of a new chapter in your life, so dare to dream to ride in your dream car as a newly married person! But what car should you choose?

As with everything else in wedding planning, there are helpful tips to navigate choosing the best wedding car. Here are some things to know before selecting your ideal vehicle for your big day.

Plan Your Wedding Car in Advance

Just like renting a car for a road trip, the best cars usually go quickly. Book the vehicle you want for your wedding at least a year in advance, or if you plan on having a wedding quickly after your engagement, the car should be the first thing you book. Many couples get married during peak wedding season, so the car should get priority booking like landing your venue.

What many couples don’t realize when planning their wedding car is that the wrong car greatly affects the rest of the wedding! Whether you choose a fancy Lamborghini or a horse-drawn carriage, make sure it’s a practical choice for your wedding dress too. You don’t want your bride tripping on her ballroom gown dress while getting out of her vehicle to go to her wedding.

The Car Should Match the Wedding Theme

Nothing makes less sense in a wedding than showing up to your beach resort wedding in a tractor straight from the farm. Having the wedding vehicle match the theme and location will immerse your guests further in the magical experience that is your wedding.

Many traditional weddings feature a high-end car, such as a Rolls-Royce, as the getaway car because it matches the theme well. Country and rustic weddings have their couples ride off in a Jeep, a classic convertible, or a pickup truck. It’s an added touch to the wedding that shows that the wedding location played an important role in the planning of the event.

Stay You!

Your wedding is all about your union! Don’t sacrifice your unique personality completely to match an aesthetic if that’s not what your wedding is going to be. Many weddings are simple ceremonies that focus more on the celebration of a marriage among friends and family.

Therefore, the car choice can be as simple as the car you own now. Have wedding guests or members of your wedding party decorate the vehicle in ribbons, cans, and other items while writing “Just married!” on the windows. It’ll make your wedding that much more memorable.


Feeling the Pressure? Find Out What’s the Average Age of Marriage

Have you ever wonder what’s the Average Age of Marriage? Tick tock. Does it feel like everybody is getting married and you’re the one who’s left behind? Constantly hearing from your friends and family that you’re “next in line” or (gasp) the last one left. It seems like everyone is getting married but you.

Well, don’t worry. According to a study by The Knot00, the average age for marrying went up – again! Forget about having to tie the knot in your 20s – that’s so 2018. Apparently, in 2019 the average age for women to get married in the United States was 30 and for men, it was 34. That makes the overall average 32 years old. Heck, you’ve got lots of time.

Why the Average Age of Marriage is on the Rise?

So why are people waiting until they’re older to get married? If you’re someone who is feeling the pressure to get married, you can ask yourself why you’ve waited. Are you still looking for the right person? Putting your career first? Maybe you are waiting to have enough money to splurge and have a dream destination wedding.

A Better Sense of Self

Interestingly, one of the reasons people are delaying marriage is they’re developing a better sense of themselves before racing to the altar. The science is in and we’ve found that the brain isn’t fully mature until a person is about 25. WOW!

While 18 is still considered the legal age of majority, that puts a different spin on things doesn’t it. Why make permanent life decisions when you’re still developing and growing as a person. Embracing your youth and living your truest life means accepting that maybe you shouldn’t be making those decisions at such a young age. Obviously, this knowledge doesn’t change the state’s approach to legal ages to marry. But it might change your opinion or your parent’s opinion.

Longer Engagement Time

The Knot also found that couples were engaged for an average of 15 months before their weddings. This makes a lot of sense to us. We know that planning a wedding, booking a venue, hiring the caterer, getting flowers, and everything else that goes into a wedding takes time. In fact, the rule of thumb is to start planning a year out. If you’re having trouble planning and need help, connect with us and we can make the entire process easier.

Years ago, people got engaged and held the wedding within a few months. Now that there are extended engagements, it ends up pushing out the wedding date. This means you’re going to age a bit between your engagement and wedding, making you older on your wedding day. The good news – it gives you lots of time to have some excellent parties along the way!

The Average Age of Marriage & Financial Security

One of the big reasons that people want to wait until they’re a bit older, a bit more professionally established is that they’re more financially secure. Let’s face it, the cost of education has skyrocketed. If you and your honey both went to college, there’s a lot of debt there. Whether you’re paying off that debt alone or your parents are helping, it’s a lot.

Getting married before you’ve landed a professional job adds to your financial stress. So rather than being so stressed out that you can’t afford the wedding you want, many couples are waiting. And many couples are also footing the bill.

The Wedding Academy put out its 2020 report and 68% of couples are funding the majority of their wedding expenses themselves. If you’re going to pay for your wedding, you’re going to want some extra time to build your bank account.

So, the next time someone gives you a little grief about not being married, you don’t need to feel the pressure. You can get married in your own sweet time. It’s your life and you get to set your own timetable.


4 Unique Wedding Venues That Will Take Your Breath Away

Many brides seek to find the most unique wedding venues to celebrate their weddings. After all, it’s their big day! Thus, why not host your wedding anywhere less than the most beautiful venue around the world?

There are gorgeous spots around the world that are made for a fairytale wedding. Besides, the views are incredibly important for those picturesque wedding photos everyone will be jealous of.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have your wedding at fancy wedding venues with stunning landscapes. Here are 4 unique wedding venues that will take your breath away.

Andaz Mayakoba One of The Best Wedding Venues in Mexico

Located in Solidaridad, Mexico, this venue is the white beach wedding venue of your dreams! Not only will your wedding have oceanfront views, but there are also six miles worth of lagoons and canals to gush over. The lavish natural environment has hosted weddings since 2017 and has quickly grown into one of the most popular wedding venues in Mexico.

Borgo Egnazia (Salvelletri, Italy)

Who doesn’t dream of having their wedding in Italy? While celebrities like John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen got hitched in Italy. This resort, located off the Sea of Savelletri in Puglia, is open to the public for their classic Italian weddings.

The area boasts plenty of old Renaissance buildings from the Ancient Rome days, along with pomegranate bushes, succulents, and cacti as one of many sights of nature.

Seeking for Vineyards Wedding Venues? Vista Hills Vineyard It’s What You Need

Vineyards are popular places to get married, but this vineyard in the Willamette Valley region of Oregon has 360-degree views of the Northwest coast. There’s plenty of vines and trees to fill your wedding photos as you pose on Dundee Hills. The vineyard is 42 acres at 800 ft. elevation.

This vineyard is popular for its award-winning Pinot Noir. Famous director Francis Ford Coppola of “The Godfather” fame works with this vineyard to produce the delicious and woodsy wines that have stapled their reputation as one of the best vineyards on the West Coast.

Bosduifklip Open Air Restaurant and Wedding Venue in South Africa

As far as unique wedding venues go, getting married on a sheep and potato farm that’s been around since 1881 is one of the more original choices. Fortunately, the Engelbrecht family has run this venue and turned it into one of the most popular wedding venues in South Africa.

It’s located 4 km from Lambert’s Bay on the Cape West Coast. This place showcases incredible rock formations overlooking the Jackals Creek seasonal rivers and rolling fields. The rocks are used for decorative purposes, and the open-air space makes it perfect for nighttime weddings to get married under the stars.


Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows?  There are many different reasons for renewing your wedding vows. Maybe your first wedding didn’t go as you’d imagined. Maybe you’ve discovered you love your sweetie more deeply than ever and want to celebrate that. Perhaps, you’re looking for an excuse to have a destination wedding celebration.

Whatever the reason for renewing your vows, we’ve got some tips that will help you pull it off flawlessly. In fact, if you weren’t thinking of a vow renewal before, once you read this, you might be.

Tips to Successfully Renew Your Marriage Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is one of the most romantic things you can do. It reaffirms your dedication and devotion to each other. Use these vow renewal tips to have the second-best day of your life.

It’s Not a Second Wedding

A vow renewal is not a second wedding, nor should it be. Your wedding day was the beginning of a new life, your renewal day is a celebration of the life you have. There’s no pressure to follow all of the same traditions and to make such a big deal of it.

Instead, this is an opportunity to enjoy the day. No stress, no worries about the in-laws, no drama. Make this a day that truly celebrates the life you’ve created since your first vows.

Do I Have to Fill Out Paperwork?

There are no legal implications to a vow renewal, so no paperwork is required. Your original wedding vows are still in place and so is the original marriage.

This brings up another point, you don’t need an officiant to do the ceremony. If you want to have a friend or family member be your celebrant, you can. You can even do it yourselves, without anyone officiating.

Vow Renewal Etiquette

Unlike wedding etiquette, there really isn’t any vow renewal etiquette, for you or your guests. This means you don’t have to follow any prespecified routine. There’s no dress code. Meals are optional and no one has to bring a gift.

Are Gifts Required

We thought this was worth repeating. Creating a gift registry and asking people to give you gifts for getting married again is just tacky. That said, if you’re renewing your vows on a special anniversary, like your 25th or your 50th or something, then guests may want to bring gifts to celebrate your anniversary – but not the vow ceremony.

Are There Required Traditions

Nope. No required traditions, but today’s renewals are getting more and more lavish. Luckily, it’s in an in-between period where you can have the most basic ceremony with just your religious officiant and the two of you. Or you can go all out and throw that huge bash you never had the first time around.

What About Destination Vow Renewals?

We totally love this idea and we’re ready to help you plan A Destination Vow Vacation. What better way to celebrate your love than a great vacation with you friends and family. Connect with us and we’ll be happy to get that ball rolling for you. No matter where your heart wants to go – we’ll help you get there.


Best Fall Wedding Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Glow

There is nothing better than a fall wedding makeup for the bride during her big day in this special season. Autumn is such a beautiful time to get married. It’s like you invited Mother Nature to your wedding and she showed up in all her glory. The only problem – you don’t want her to upstage the bride to be on her big day. Of course, there’s a solution to this problem. Learning to master the best makeup tips for fall will turn you into a ravishing beauty on your wedding day.

Where do you get these fantastic tips? From us, of course. We’ve collected the best tips and tricks for makeup with an autumn flair so you can look your best.

Makeup Tips for the Fall Bride

Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what this season is made of. Transform your look for the big day. Take advantage of the russet shades that surround you, the crisp azure blue skies, and a backdrop that begs for a sepia tone.

Lipstick for Fall Weddings

The bold lip is a huge autumn trend because the color is so perfectly filled with drama. A deep brown or bright red lipstick would seem so out of place at an April wedding, but in October, it’s sheer perfection. One big tip – stick with a pallet that plays well with turning leaves. A bright pink or purple-plum color seems out of place.

The Eyes Have It

Subtle makeup with a natural look is also fantastic in fall. If this is the effect you’re going for, then you might want to pay special attention to your eyes. While the rest of your makeup will be very neutral and flattering, your eyes need to pop. When you’re too light-handed on your eyes, they can get lost. This is especially true in photos.

By putting a little extra emphasis on your eyes, you can create a phenomenal look that gets noticed but doesn’t look overdone. The key to this is avoiding the urge to put too much into it. Skip the spider lashes and go with natural looking falsies or find a nice mascara that you trust. Keep your lids limited in color and your eyeliner as a complement, not a showstopper.

Porcelain Skin with a Dewy Finish

You want your skin to look as perfectly finished as possible. This flawless look is best achieved on healthy skin. That’s right, if you want to look your best, you’re going to have to nourish your skin. Start by getting on a good, healthy eating plan that supports skin health. Then, develop a routine of skincare that keeps your skin blemish-free and moisturized. As an added benefit, a great diet also makes your hair look lush and you’ll feel better, too.

The dewy finish is a modern must. Looking like your skin is youthful and healthy is all the rage. While you’re working on changing your diet to look better, you can work on dewy skin in two ways. The first is the skincare routine. Use one that focuses on moisturizing and nourishing with all-natural botanicals.

The second is cheating and using cosmetics. There are a lot of great ones that give you a dewy finish. Make sure you try them way before your wedding day to see which ones work. You also want to make sure you don’t have a reaction to a new product.

Planning a Fall Wedding?

Now that you’ve nailed the look, the questions is what next!?! There’s so much involved in planning a wedding and not all of it is as fun as makeup. Never fear – we’re here! If you’re stressing out about your wedding, connect with us and we may be able to help you sail through it all and have the day of your dreams.


4 Celebrity Couples Who Held a Magical Destination Wedding

Who doesn’t want a destination wedding like the stars? With the endless money and fame they earn, casual fans love to look out for celebrities that are tying the knot and what their wedding will look like. Naturally, they don’t disappoint with the luxury and amazing receptions.

The list of celebrity destinations weddings are plentiful, but here are the 4 celebrity couples that stood out with their magical destination weddings.

Richard Sherman and Ashley Moss’ Destination Wedding

One of the NFL’s biggest stars pulled off a destination wedding to remember. The San Francisco 49ers starting cornerback and Super Bowl winner tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend in 2018 in the Dominican Republic.

Their reception was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Canta. Sherman posted a photo on his Instagram after the reception with his wife and all their guests (there were a lot of them!) on the beach. The happy couple had been engaged since the summer of 2015 and got married after the end of the 2018 NFL season.

Who doesn’t want a destination wedding like the stars? With the endless money and fame, celebrities earn, a casual wedding isn’t an option. That’s why fans love to look out for celebrities that are tying the knot and what their wedding will look like. Naturally, they don’t disappoint with the luxury and amazing receptions.

The list of celebrity destinations weddings are plentiful, but here are the 4 celebrity couples that stood out with their magical destination weddings.

Richard Sherman and Ashley Moss’ Wedding

Richard Sherman and Ashley Moss’ Wedding via Instagram

One of the NFL’s biggest stars pulled off a destination wedding to remember. The San Francisco 49ers starting cornerback and Super Bowl winner tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend in 2018 in the Dominican Republic.

Their reception was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Canta. Sherman posted a photo on his Instagram after the reception with his wife and all their guests on the beach. The happy couple had been engaged since the summer of 2015 and got married after the end of the 2018 NFL season.

Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider’s Magical Destination Venue

Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider’s wedding via hilary-swank.com

The Oscar-winning actress and her entrepreneur spouse got married in the middle of the Redwoods in Northern California in August 2018. According to Swank, she and her beau were inspired by the rituals of Burning Man, a festival in the middle of the Nevada desert known for letting go of things that you hold onto.

The couple left their wedding on custom bikes covered in LED lights. Their reception consisted of a silent disco, as they and their 800 guests danced the night away wearing wireless headphones, listening to music, and being carefree.

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s Destination Wedding

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s wedding via Splash News

Jon Snow of the hit show “Game of Thrones” married his former co-star.  The wedding was celebrated in June 2018 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the hometown of Leslie. The two exchanged vows at a traditional Scottish church, and their reception was held at — take a guess — the Leslie family castle in Aberdeenshire called Wardhill Castle.

The pair were showered with flower petal confetti as they stepped out of a Land Rover and walked their way to Rayne Church. Some of the attendants included the cast of Game of Thrones, such as Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, and Emilia Clarke.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Fairy Tale Wedding

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s wedding via Refinery29

Ah, a classic destination wedding. The two married in Lake Como, Italy in September 2013. They chose Villa Pizzo, a known celebrity destination wedding venue.  Their reception featured a four-tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and songs performed by the legend Stevie Wonder. If only we all could have that at our weddings!

At Bella Honeymoon Destination Weddings, we know how to make any bride’s dream come true without a drop of stress.  That’s why we focus on you as a bride and your needs! So, if you are planning your destination wedding a need a little bit of help you will love to meet one of our experts! Book now your free consultation and get the wedding of your dreams.



Best States to Get Married in the U.S When You Are on a Budget

Did you ever wonder what are the best states to get married? The reality is that weddings in the United States are expensive. On average, in 2019, weddings cost $33,900, including the expenses. With the pandemic affecting the economy in 2020, many couples are looking to budget even further on their wedding day. Depending on which state you live in, your wedding could end up well under the national average in cost.

Are you eager to get married in a state where wedding costs are less expensive?  If so, you have come to the right place. Choosing the right location will allow you to spend more on the dress and any other details that entail a wedding.  Find here the best states to get hitched in the US when you’re on a budget.

Best States to Get Married on a Budget

In the last few years, states like Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Idaho, and Oklahoma have boasted cheap wedding expenses in their states overall. But, the least expensive state to hold your wedding in is Utah.

Utah’s average cost of weddings is $19,700, including $15,600 on the wedding venue and ceremony and $4,100 on the engagement ring. The other states listed above have similar costs, and all these states except Oklahoma have average wedding costs at under $20,000.

The top 5 states that have the most expensive weddings hosted are New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut, with wedding costs over $40,000.

What Makes These States Less Expensive?

Geographic location in the United States shows that where you choose to hold your wedding makes a huge difference in the budget of your wedding. The less costly states have lower cost of living, which means it’s generally cheaper to live there. Wages are also lower, which drives costs down if you have more money to spend.

Inflation is important to keep note of when choosing the wedding location. During peak wedding season, states like New York boast expensive weddings because the services like wedding cakes and florists will increase their normal prices to meet the demand of wedding couples.

That, of course, is because couples want the luxurious weddings views of Long Island, Cape Cod, and other beaches and ocean views of the East Coast. The demand isn’t as high for weddings on the western side of the country, so costs can be less. It’s important to note that just because your wedding is in another state than you envisioned doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the wedding of your dreams.


Creative Engagement Party Ideas That Will Amaze Your Guests

An engagement party is the best way to celebrate with your loved ones that you are getting married. Think about it! Your wedding is still ages away, but you just got engaged and want to celebrate. Like, now! How about throwing the best engagement party ever? Sounds like a great idea to us. There’s nothing better than a fantastic party filled with love.

Now, you’re no run-of-the-mill fiancé. You want things to be special…exciting. We totally get that. That’s why we’ve come up with some really cool ideas for engagement parties that will have your guests talking about the fun they had all the way to your wedding.

Engagement Party Ideas

The very best engagement parties have a theme and base everything around them. These are some of the theme ideas we think are real winners.

Pre-Destination Celebration

Are you planning on a destination wedding? Then having a taste of the tropics or whatever your destination may be is a must. Destination weddings are typically small and only a few people go, but everyone can make it to your engagement party. Give them a taste of your big day with food from the region. If you’re going to Hawaii, host a luau. If your wedding will be in Mexico, make sure to have authentic Mexican food from that region.

A Night of Romance As Your Engagement Party

Set up a projector to play classic romantic movies, pop some Sinatra music on, and plaster the venue with romantic decorations. Don’t forget to come up with some of the most romantic food items you can think of.

We also love the idea of having a suggestion bowl where guests can give you romantic ideas for your life together. Maybe they can share their favorite romantic moments or come up with some creative new ideas.

The Pre-Family Reunion

You’re all about to become family, why not throw a good, old-fashioned family reunion. Ask guests to bring their “famous” dish to pass. Create stations with classic outdoor games like 3-legged races, egg races, orange pass, a scavenger hunt, an others. Tell guests to come dressed casually and plan on having a day of backyard fun.

Happily Ever After Engagement Party!

When a lifetime of love is ahead of you, you have found the secret to happily ever after. That’s what makes this theme perfect for your engagement party. Create a fairytale world with Disney characters and other classic duos that lived happily ever after. If your guests are the fun sort, ask them to dress up as their favorite blissful couples. If not, that’s okay. You can still run wild with the theme. Just imagine the cake!

It’s Written in the Stars

Have a nighttime party with a stargazing theme. Of course, you need to have your names spelled out in fairy lights. Beyond that, you can hire some amateur astronomers to bring their telescopes and set them up to point out constellations, planets, and other night sky attractions. Create space-themed snacks, serve cocktails that are out of this world, and dance under the stars.

Now that your creatives juices are flowing – what’s next? Stick with us and we’ll get you through, from engagement to thank-you notes. Follow our blog and we’ll give you advice you need to make your wedding an instant classic.

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